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Have you wanted to start investing in the stock market but did not want to have to wait years in order to see a return?  Well guess what?  With PENNY STOCKS, you do not have to wait years in order to see gains.

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What are penny stocks?  Penny stocks are usually defined as stocks that trade on the OTC BB or Pink Sheets exchange. Many consider penny stocks anything under $5.

Obviously I can't promise that every penny stock is going to explode, but gains of 100% - 300% can be seen in days.

When should I buy and how many shares should I buy are also important questions to think about. You should have your strategy mapped out before you make your trade.

The goal is to make money and you are able to do this if you buy low and sell higher. This will not always happen and you have to have your strategy in place.

This website features a lot of articles that you can use in order to be successful with the stock market.


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